Pec 5th 8th Class Date Sheet 2015

Pec 5th 8th Class Date Sheet 2015

The Exam of 5th and 8th class will commence in the last week of February. All exam papers shall be prepared by the Punjab Examination Commission. Exams are not mandatory for private students. In Rawalpindi, under Punjab Examination Commission it is decided that exam of 5th and 8th class will be conducted in the last week of February according to  the new schedule however, an exact final date is not announced yet but the exam of 5th and 8th class will begin on the same date.

Exam will start within 21st of February to 25th of February, exam of 5th class will be taken in morning as compared to 8th class which will be taken in second shift in the evening. Exam of all the districts within Punjab will start from the last week of February. In examination centres the strength of students will have a range starting from minimum 90 to maximum 300 candidates. Roll number slips will be issued  by higher authorities whereas exam papers for every district will be prepared by the Examination Commission and Exam paper for every district will be different.

50 percent of the Exam paper consists of objective type questions whereas  the other 50 percent will be non objective. Exam will be marked this year on the district level. Private schools have the choice to appear in these board exams. If they want to register their students for board exam then they are welcome. The result of both the exams will be proclaimed on 30th of March.

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100 Students to go to Turkey on Scholarships

There are many people who are living not a good life and they don’t get financial help for getting education at higher levels. For those students there are many countries those are well developed they are providing students with scholarships to students as for suppose talking about turkey that is working and providing students with scholarships total students those are to be given scholarships are for 100 students. In Islamabad it was also found that Turkish embassy in Islamabad ceremony is announced for students who need to get scholarships that is on merit basis these students have got opportunity that is for getting education in turkey and financial expenses for those will be handled by the government of turkey that is based on funds and etc.

For academic year that is for 2014 and 2015 and it is under the Turkey Scholarships Programme. These scholarships are making students get education without any tension and they need it for making nation rise and shine also. This event was also attended by the Families of scholarship recipients and Pakistani graduates of Turkish universities those were there to support and to get scholarships.

The aim of these scholarships those are provided with such financial help the aim was basic orientation and also the exchange of experience that is for new scholarship holders and also for the families. On this occasion it was spoken that, Turkish Ambassador who is Babur Girgin told the families that as the people of Turkey and Pakistan were brothers and sisters they also found that the family should be assured and make it sure that the scholarship holders those are there they would be welcomed as turkeys own children that is working in the positive ways.

From 176 countries this year there are total number of 82,000 students who have applied for the Turkish scholarships and they were waiting to get them 4000 out of them were awarded with scholarships and they are studying in high universities in turkey too that is being proud for them. There are 100 graduate and also the under graduate students those are from turkey and also these involve 105 universities in 55 cities of Turkey that is spread so vast and taking large account of it. Before studies are started there is also Turkish language course that is required by students to be done in time.

Speedy work on Home Economic College offered the Education Project

Education is the right of every student and they need to get it to live in a civilized way that is good for the nation and us too. Government and organizations must use their links and other facilities should be provided to students on the basis of funds. In Islamabad minister of state for capital administration and capital development and development division (CADD) to speed up the work on federal govt colleges those are for the home economics, management, science and specialized division this was asked by the Usman Ibrahim who directed the authorities and asked the authorities to speed up the work.

This was to be done in the favor of students who want to get graduate and post graduate degrees. In sector F-11/1 the project director about the planned colleges and their funds briefed the state minister about the circumstances and college establishment. Total estimated cost that was to be provided till the month of November was 3 billion and 500 million will be provided by the government by the public sector development programme RS 200 million has been set aside by them for the development program and establishment of colleges that is for 2014 and 2015.

Foreign donors will play a vital part as rest of the money will be provided by them to economic affairs division request has been given too for the development program and that is considered by them too. With the project director Kauser Baig Ibrahim discussed the PC I of the project that brought it to conclusion. Higher education commission has designed the curriculum for BS, MS and Phd programs. International scholarships for MS and PhD programs have also been invited that will play an important part too in the development.

3000 under privileged girls have received the professional education and that will help them out in life by making them earn in proper way. Other 3000 female students will acquire and get the diploma in economics and other programs that is helpful too. These colleges have academic blocks, libraries, administration, lecture halls, seminar rooms and other main facilities for the students that let them study well by having all facilities there. There is department of architecture, nutrition, food and department and other essential programs those are required by the students, interior designs and public health department. Minister has also asked to complete the document work that is to be done.

Pakistan Agree to Enhance Cooperation in Education said by OIC

In the past it was not trend to spread education but now the trend has been changed and people now require their children to gain education that is essential part of living now. With the increase in population and people requiring it facilities must be increased too that is considered now and different organizations are playing part in it to make it develop now. Discussing and managing this section it was found that in Islamabad secretary general organization of Islamic countries that is OIC Lyad Ameen Abdullah Madani said and called on the minister of federal education and professional training who is Mohammad Ahsan raja that there must be attention paid to the matters of mutual interest.

While they were talking and paid attention to the educational system they agreed to work on and enhance the cooperation in different fields that is among the Muslim countries that can simply be achieved by education and spreading it because now all work moves with professional and educated people. For setting up this different organizations and funds are provided that play a vital role.

Press release said that special interest should be given to field of education and the culture too. These both things are vital part in the society that will work well. Secretary General who is of organization of Islamic countries that is OIC said that our youth that is young generation knows more and well about the history and the incidents those took place there. They also know about the culture and value of the Europe that is taught to them or they search it but there is a flaw that they know it more than they must know about the Islamic countries in which they live.

He wished and desired while giving a speech that youth must pay attention towards learning and studying the cultural exchange programs those are of our culture and tradition and they must know well about their origin that will be beneficial for them. For Pakistani Ummah and people there is much respect and honor paid by him. For Arze Muqaddas people of Pakistan and Muslim work hard and they keep in mind their worth and requirement of education and that is for zeal and love to work. There are skilled, educated, non-skilled and every type of people added in that type of category.

Optical Mark Reading Technology Adopted by BISE

It is decided by the government of Punjab that all board of intermediate and secondary education are now supposed to be self-sufficient they should own optical mark reading technology OMR for checking examinations. In Lahore meeting was held in this regard with board of intermediate and secondary education at board of intermediate and secondary education Lahore for controller IT vacancy is also created by BISE Lahore and it was approved by nine examination boards operating in Punjab. These all posts are asked to be filled by deputation from the Punjab information technology board that is PITB.

President of the meeting who presided it was Punjab education minister Rana Mashood Ahmed khan and secretary higher education Punjab Abdullah khan Sumbal also attended the meeting, Punjab board committee chairman (PBCC). Dr Nasarullah Virk chairman was also present there other are chairman, secretaries and controllers of board of intermediate and secondary education were also present there. In the meeting it was also decided that finance, secretary department, one window operation, conduct of system and all other services and these services are to be started till 2015. In this meeting it was also given approval to establish the cluster centres those were to be in districts of every province for which all multi-purpose halls will be established by BISE these halls were to be constructed in public sector colleges.

These halls built will be used for examination halls that is to be used during the matriculation and intermediate examination but during rest of the year these halls are not left empty but these are used as community centres. A special committee to finalize proposals were constructed by the education minister on this occasion it included proposed road map also there was a need that within one week they have to eliminate all mafias to 100 percent these all system have to up hold all merit while all works. Controller examination of Lahore board and Dera Ghazi khan board will assist the committee that consists of BISE Lahore, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi.

It was also decided in the meeting to pay a large amount of Rs 340 million to national institutional facilitation technology (NIFT) that is consultant firm it will be providing OMR technology to all boards BISE in hard ware and software therefore from next year 2015 marking will be done by key punch system to OMR of answer sheets. In matric examination almost 2.2 million students appear and in intermediate total students appear are 1 million on annual basis. Security system of Punjab University was reviewed by the University of Punjab on Tuesday. Vice chancellor of Punjab University Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran asked to tighten the security of university of Punjab. They also offered fateha for the martyrs of Quetta and Karachi terrorist attacks.

In Rawalpindi 7 Billion set Aside For Schools Budget 2014-15

Education must be the first priority of our nation as students who will learn and get educated today they will be leaders of tomorrow country and all administration will be in their hand. Every year much money is injected in education sectors by different welfare organizations and USAID too. Every year in budget special amount is set for education departments. This year in 2014 and 2015 the budget set by government of Punjab has been set at Rs 7 billion for the education department that is for the schools of Rawalpindi to bring progress in schools of Rawalpindi due to increase in population with time.

Out of Rs 7 billion it is decided that amount of Rs 5.71 billion will be spent on salaries that is for their payment and rest is left for the development projects this is decided and announced by the executive district officer who is EDO of education Qazi Zahoor Ur Haq. In Rawalpindi when schools were counted they came out to be 1981 schools in the districts dividing them into primary and secondary schools 1153 schools are primary schools, 385 are middle schools, secondary schools come out to be 34 and higher secondary schools in the Rawalpindi region are 38.

Left things are the new projects for new projects there was also some financial support required according to the details EDO said that government would be releasing special budget that will be to launch new projects and to fill up the requirement of the missing facilities in the region in the education department. The board of governor will approve the annual budget that is the step left this budget will be approved on Saturday that is by Board of intermediate and secondary education BISE Rawalpindi.

Board of Governors of the board held meeting that was with the chairman of board Dr Zaheer Ahmed in the chair to discuss following issue. For the fiscal year that is 2014 and 2015 Rs 45.56 million has been approved by the board members and officials of the finance department who were present in the meeting. As this Rawalpindi board is an independent board and autonomous body other expenditure of the board will be fulfilled by the fee that is collected by students during examination as examination fees. This is benefit of the board that it is not burden over any one and works on its own.

Chairman of board DI Khan arrested by NAB

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has total 8 educational boards functioning in its province one of the most important out of them is Dera Ismail Khan Board. Its jurisdiction is Dera Ismail Khan Board operating in following districts Dullewala, Jhok Wazir Korai, Tank, Lakki Marwat and Dera Ismail Khan. Main purpose of the board is to provide students in the area with quality education and standard qualification. Many government and private institutions affiliated with Dera Ismail Khan Board are administrated by officials of board in them main head is its chairman, one important thing is that institutions run within rules and regulations set by board and these are checked bringing all changes therefore controlling committee has power to change anything in positive way and to make them work according to their requirements this is what brings more trust upon board by the candidates.

It is always mentioned that all functions of board is controlled by chairman and he is the main authority. As board conducts examination of matric and intermediate in its jurisdiction that is called Secondary School certificate and second his higher secondary school certificate that let students enter in university after completing college. Recently an incident occurred according to which former Chairman of Dera Ismail Khan board was arrested it was because of illegal purchase of land during a raid on guest house at Abbottabad which was received at exorbitant rates. He was arrested by NAB officers.

Arrested person Noor Mohammad was assistant professor of grade 19 at Gomal University that is in Dera Ismail Khan his crime was that he purchased land for Dera Ismail Khan Board at exorbitant rates. Similarly the deputy officer revenue and presently Dera Ismail Khan Public safety and police complaint commission secretary whose name is Abdul Mateen Qasuria was also arrested in the same case of purchasing land. They both were involved. According to details Noor Mohammad misused his position and other authorities and he bought a private land from a private owner that is violation of Land Acquisition Act 1894. He purchased at exorbitant rate that caused a great loss to government department that was fault of Noor Mohammad and his other partner.

Other main loss was that funds of government were transferred to private land owner without receiving possession of land playing with government funds is great violation. NAB under the voluntary return system established under section 25 of National Accountability Ordinance 1999 recovered 72 million rupees from private land owner after the case was brought into consideration. Now the accused under physical remand have to appear in court under following case.

9th Class Registration 20th May Last Date

Rawalpindi is another city of Pakistan a great population lives there. There was a dire need of independent educational system there therefore government has established educational board there. Educational board there is called BISE Rawalpindi stands for Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. Its main purpose is to conduct matric and intermediate examination that is for providing Secondary School certificate and higher secondary school certificate. Board was formed in October 1977 and it was actually formed as a result of bifurcation of BISE Sargodha board under Punjab Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education ACT NO XIII of 1976. This board is self-financed and covers whole economic procedures of the board by fees from students and other formalities.

Rawalpindi board is confined to following jurisdiction districts Attock, Chakwal, Jhelum and Rawalpindi that is civil division of district. Board make students appear as private as well as regular students. SSC is divided in two parts that is 9th and 10th class similarly intermediate is divided into 1st year and 2nd year. There are many government and private institutions affiliated with the board these all institutions run under the rules and regulations of the board. Text books used are of Punjab Text book board and they are revised time to time. Other examinations conducted by Rawalpindi Board with fair-play responsibility carry out these examinations, SSC  & HSSC, CT. OT.PTC. D.M. and Drawing Masters Examinations this provides vast criteria for board.

This year in 2014, Board of Intermediate and Secondary education Rawalpindi has announced that registration for 9th class will start from 1st April 2014 to 20th may 2014.Now this is announced that last day for filling registration form is 20th may 2014 and students are asked to fill them. As 20th may is last date for depositing and returning registration forms. BISE provides students with low registration fees that is affordable for every class students. If students fail to deposit on time they have to give late registration fees that is registration form with Rs 500 from 21st may 2014 to 3rd June 2014. Regarding this schedule board has sent circulars to all affiliated institutions and also published on official website of the board.