Prize Bond Draw Rs 40,000 Result List 2014

Prize Bond Draw Rs 40000 Result List 2014 will be declared in Faisalabad on June 02, Monday.

Prize Bond Draw Rs 40000 Result 2014

Next Draw: Prize Bond Draw Rs 40000 Result List 2014 will be announced in Hyderabad on Friday, May 02, 2014.

Student Welfare Bond (SWB) Rs.100 Prize bond

In order to develop the habit of saving in students, National Savings Pakistan has announced a bantam amount prize bonds worth Rs 100 only with the name Student Welfare Bond. Obviously it’s such a meager amount to be saved and hardly would add anything to government’s interest but the sole purpose of induction of this prize bond is to raise awareness amongst the youth of Pakistan to develop a habit of saving out of their limited financial resources. Moreover, despite of its small amount, prizes to be won on every draw, which is every second month of purchase of prize bond, will definitely attract comparatively a bigger figure of individuals to participate; as 1st prize claims a worth of Rs 7 lac. Its sale has started since November 2012 and can be bought from offices of schedule banks, National Saving Centers and all Post offices.

How to claim prize bond Money?

If you are lucky enough and serial number assigned to your prize bond falls in any category of 1st, 2nd or 3rd ; you can claim it from any National Saving Center or any authorized bank branch or from any branch of State Bank of Pakistan. All won prizes claims are valid for a maximum time period of 06 years. Prizes which do not exceed Rs 1250 fall in the stated category of encashment. However if, won prize worth’s more than Rs 1250, there is a hitch involved. For all prizes exceeding Rs 1250, prize bond can be claimed for reward from the branches of State Banks of Pakistan only but unluckily they are located in major cities only. You will have to contact SBP with a copy of CNIC, Photocopy of won prize bond dully signed at its back and the claim will be made against your prize bond on specified form. So, you will have to visit SBP if you happen to win big cash money and don’t forget added cost of 15 % withholding tax.

Hope this article helps you develop basic understanding pertaining to mechanism involved in prize bonds circulation, authorities involved to ensure good and fair governance, wining a prizes, settling the claim for winners and salient other questions which are frequently asked. If you have any more questions, feel free to give us your feedback in comments column so that we can get back to you with a solution to your query. Good Luck with prize bonds!